ITF at the National Championships

ITF, Indian Track Foundation

Walter produced a very special performance out if his drawer for ITF at the recently concluded National Championships, making all of us extremely proud. This kid was simply outstanding, ran strategically and pushed it when no one wanted to give in! He won the silver medal against such experienced individuals and strong competitors! That too, with such a close finish: 0.08s with a time of 5:42.85 (2000 meters) – A new state record by almost 14 seconds. Everyone who was there to watch this amazing performance witnessed the start of something special.

14 months ago he wore his first pair of running shoes, he didn’t know what the word ‘run’ meant let alone competition or training

In Coach Karan’s words, “had you asked me last year, I would have said give me 2-3 years and such performances will happen,” but this is simply the stuff of dreams!

Walter was the crowd favourite, and many ended up shouting his name even before the race began. Seems like the kid has attained a little fan following and the way he showed guts and did not get distracted was better than the Gold on the day!

What a fantastic season it has been for his first year of running! He’ll only get better and better!

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