About Us

Indian Track Foundation

Feet on the ground with an eye for the future

Indian track Foundation is a registered trust in India, which was created to develop and produce multiple medals for India on the track (athletics).

We have a board of trustees, who work passionately as a team to raise funds for our project.

We scout, recruit, house, educate, train and develop raw talent from the most interior tribal and rural parts of India. The project was developed and initiated in 2018, and is based in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, 2250 meters above sea level. Our athletes are aged between 10 and 15 years.

The athletes train twice a day, six days a week with a single point focus of bringing laurels for our country, India. The athletes, compete at district, state and national level competitions. We have won 86 medals and broken 12 records. Each athlete studies everyday at the athletes home itself, and the curriculum is based on schools in Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.  The athletes travel back to their villages, once year to give examinations. All our athletes are screened and selected after months of hard work of our ground scouting staff.

We have a wonderful team that works with immense passion in order to bring athletes with the blessing of their parents into our foundation. Currently, we house 17 selected athletes and a warden who oversees daily operations under the watchful eye of the coaches. In a short period of time some of our athletes are national medalists and champions.

Learn about ITF's scouting process

Our scouting process is an integral part of the programme. ITF’s process began even before ITF came into formal existence. From 2013, our founders have researched, experienced and travelled the lengths and breaths of India to put together the scouting component which has been one of the prime reasons of our achievements.

The process is extensive and detailed from selection of an athlete to schooling to parents’ interactions to long term commitments. Our athletes are first scouted, selected, developed and trained by our local scouts & coaches in the remotest parts of India. The best amongst these centres get an opportunity to be further selected for the high-performance programme.

A message from Karan Singh, ITF's head coach

Everything, my journey to my experiences in my life has led me to this mission and the unique programme that we’ve created; It’s one of a kind! I’m so proud and grateful towards our on-ground team and supporters who have believed in us. ITF is all in towards our mission for India! Jai Hind!