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Producing future Olympic champions for India – The Indian Track Foundation

Can you name one Indian Olympic medallist in middle or long-distance track running? No? Well, no wonder – there is none. Here is the story of how Karan Singh wants to change that, dedicating his life to training and raising Indian kids to become future Olympic medalists.

Who are we?

Indian Track Foundation is a registered trust in India, which was created to develop and produce multiple medals for India on the track (athletics). We scout, recruit, house, educate, train and develop raw talent from the most interior tribal and rural parts of India. The project was developed and initiated in 2018, and is based in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, 2250 meters above sea level. In a short period of time some of our athletes are national medalists and champions.

Changing lives!

"With the support of our believers, partners and team, ITF has truly changed the lives of our children and their families. From never having worn a pair of shoes to winning national titles, the impact has been unreal!"

ITF, Indian Track Foundation, Karan Singh, Coach Karan
Karan Singh
Head Coach

Donate to ITF

Indian Track Foundation seeks your help so that it continue its mission of seeking out talent at the grassroots level and shaping them into world class athletes, with an eye for the future.


Ian Dobson

Ian Dobson

Us Olympian & Head Coach - Team Run Eugene​

I share your vision for an Indian Track Foundation that develops world class athletes, creates opportunities for children, and contributes to the growing running culture in India. Like you, I believe that India possesses enormous potential in athletics and I would love to see that potential developed. You’ve taken a great step towards realising the goals of the Indian Track Foundation – congratulations again, but more importantly, keep moving forward.

Andy Downin ITF

Andy Downin

Head of Global Running - New Balance

Karan’s passion and energy to better the athletes of India and the global sport of track and field are at a level I have rarely seen in my 30 plus years in sport. He has developed a very comprehensive plan that I feel incorporates all the necessary areas to further the India Track Foundation to be a global player over the next 4-8 years. I’m personally excited to track the progress of these young athletes as they grow into National and World Class runners.

Manjit Singh ITF

Manjeet Singh

Asian games 2018 - 800m Gold Medalist

I visited ITF in Ooty last year when I was training there and was blown away with everything I saw and felt. I met the athletes and the team. I ate with them, spent time with the entire team which made me so happy. They are talented, hard working and one day will make our country proud. This is the most unique and commendable programme for athletics I have seen. I applaud the team for their passion, vision and efforts. I will be there for these young athletes and the ITF team in whichever way they require. I am very proud to be a part of ITF and wish that we can together create history for our country. Jai Hind!